High-Quality Stationary & Portable Flare Stacks

Our Smokeless Flare Stacks are designed with cutting-edge technology to ensure consistent and safe gas combustion. The innovative structure is tailored for high durability and minimal environmental impact, making it ideal for modern oil and gas operations.

Built to withstand extreme conditions, these Flare Stacks deliver continuous performance with minimal maintenance. Our design prioritizes safety and efficiency, ensuring compliance with the latest industry standards and environmental regulations.

Understanding Flare Stacks: The Essentials

Flare stacks are a critical component in the oil and gas industry, primarily used for burning off flammable gas released by pressure relief valves during unplanned over-pressuring of plant equipment. These structures are vital for safe and efficient plant operation, providing a controlled method for the disposal of excess hydrocarbon gases, which cannot be recovered or recycled.

Construction and Operation

Constructed from high-grade materials, flare stacks are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability. They come in various types, including elevated flares, which are more common and visible, and ground flares, which are less conspicuous and often used in areas where visual impact is a concern.

Environmental Considerations

Our flare stacks are designed with the environment in mind. They minimize the emission of harmful substances and ensure complete combustion of gases, significantly reducing the emission of black smoke and other pollutants. The design also includes noise reduction features to minimize the impact on surrounding areas.

Safety and Compliance

Safety is paramount in the design and operation of flare stacks. Our products are built to comply with global safety standards and are equipped with features to prevent flame-outs and ensure stable operation, even under adverse conditions. Regular inspections and maintenance are integral to their safe operation, ensuring that they function effectively as a safety device in emergency situations.

Technological Advancements

Incorporating the latest technological advancements, our flare stacks offer enhanced control, including remote monitoring and automated systems for optimal combustion efficiency. These technologies not only improve operational safety but also contribute to reducing the environmental footprint of flaring activities.

In conclusion, our Flare Stacks represent a blend of advanced technology, safety, environmental consciousness, and reliability, making them an essential component for modern oil and gas operations.

More Info On Our Smokeless Flare Stacks

Stationary Flare Stacks

Redhead Services is your go to source for Production Flares. Our standard flare stack stands 25’ tall and is built from 4” piping. It features an 8” liquid knockout in the base of the stack and comes ready to be guyed on location. We offer multiple levels of control on our flares and each is interchangeable if an upgrade is ever needed. We also offer a variety of sizes from our standard model to fit your every need.

  • 4’ A-36 Carbon Steel Wind Shroud
  • Pilot Gas – 4-10scfh at 10 psig
  • Volume: 2.5MMscfd at .28 Mach No.
  • Retractable Igniter/Pilot System
  • 8” Liquid Knockout
  • 4” 150# RF Flare Gas Inlet
  • 1” NPT Drain
  • 2” NPT High Level Shutdown
Portable Flare Stacks

Redhead Services provides portable natural gas flare stacks, which are ideal for those needing flare systems that are portable and easy to transport from site-to-site. Our flares are highly mobile, easy to raise or lower, and simple to operate. With natural gas flaring becoming more and more necessary at well sites and pipelines, our flare stacks help meet State and EPA standards.

  • Rugged Construction
  • 7,000# Axles
  • 24’ Dovetail Bumper Pull Trailer with Breakaway Box and Electric Brakes
  • 1/2” Plate Steel Barrel Mounts
  • 1/2” Plate Steel Barrel Lift Hinge Assembly
  • C-5 Channel Trailer Platform Construction
  • Two – Rear Stabilizing Outriggers
  • Dual Dedicated Solar Chargers
  • Hydraulically Actuated Lift with Dedicated Solar Charger
  • Enclosed Ignitor Control Box with Dedicated Solar Charger and Pulsing or Manual Ignition Options
  • High Voltage Spark Generator Delivering up to 45 kV
  • Vented Windscreen Bonnet
  • Standard Unit – 6” X 30’ One Piece Barrel, Black (Can build to Customer Specs)
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